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Guy MarsdenGreetings!

I live in rural Maine where I work out of my solar powered and heated barn workshop.
I started this web site in 1997 and add to it when I have new things to share, it now has over 300 pages.

I have come to define myself as a "creator".  This concept encompasses the many media and technologies with which I work, all require the idea of creating or designing something new.  This is what gets me up every morning and keeps me going every day.  Creating.

Since 2001 I have made a big commitment to live as sustainably as I can and my web site documents all my efforts to reduce my the carbon footprint of my lifestyle.  The main reason I share this information is to inform and educate others who are equally committed to saving our planet from the impending disaster of climate crisis.
view of my house and workshop 
View of my home and workshop.

what's new
Article about the collaborative clocks I am making with Dave Bruckenstein in Creative Maine magazine (Sept. 2021)

Producing a magnetic Tool holder for glass workers

Installed a DIY heat pump in my house March 2021
(and blog post about the installation)

Newest collaborative "sculptural clock" artwork with Dave Bruckenstein March 2021

I work with individual inventors and small companies to develop electronic prototypes and design new electronic products.  Follow me on Facebook.
I work with artists to design electronic controls for their light, kinetic, video, audio and multi-media work. 
Here you will find an extensive gallery documenting many projects large and small.   Most recently, I have been collaborating with Dave Bruckenstein to make a series of sculptural clocks.

sustainable living
On this page I list all the things that Ido to live sustainably from using solar energy and owning an electric vehicle to simple no-cost things like composting and recycling rechargeable batteries.

By modeling the world I want to see maybe others will join me in living lightly on the planet without compromising a comfortable lifestyle.
I'm currently driving a 2017 Chevy Volt electric vehicle.   This section of my site explores the characteristics of this amazing vehicle.  And my blog post details the improvements made since the 2012 model.
Barn with solar panels on the west facing roof SOLAR POWER SYSTEM
My blog documents the process of financing, designing, purchasing and installing a 5.2kW solar power system.  My friends and neighbors helped install it in the summer of 2009.  The system currently consists of 31 solar panels with Enphase micro-inverters behind each panel that convert solar power directly to 240 Volts AC right on the roof.  By installing it myself, I saved about $9000.  See the
real time energy stats here.
South end of barn with 4 solar collectors SOLAR HEATING FOR MY WORKSHOP
In 2001 I designed and built a solar augmented heating system for the radiant floor in my workshop.  The backup is propane, and I later added a wood stove to reduce the propane consumption.  This blog documents the initial construction and the continuing improvements and lessons learned. 
See real-time system stats here.
Team installing solar collectors SOLAR DOMESTIC WATER
In July 2006 I installed a solar domestic water heating system with the help of my friends.   This blog documents the installation of a packaged system that was purchased as a complete off-the-shelf kit, although I made a few modifications.  See
real time monitoring of this system.
Solar DHW
storage tank

I have installed real-time energy monitoring equipment with live web interfaces to make my energy use and savings transparent:
Solar electric power generated and historical records of energy usage
Solar domestic water heater
Solar building heating system for my workshop
Heat recovery Ventilator temperatures in my workshop (shut down in summer/fall)

also monitored annually:
Propane consumption and costs for home heating/cooking/water heating
Propane used as supplemental heat in my workshop (in addition to solar and wood)

and live:
Weather Station (via Weather Underground)
Geiger counter - live ambient radiation counts
MrCool heat pump DIY HEAT PUMP
in March 2021 I installed a DIY heat pump made by Mr Cool.  I saved thousands of dollars by installing it myself and this will replace the propane heater used to heat my house with the goal of reducing my carbon footprint.
Heat revover ventilator on wall of utility room HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION SYSTEM IN MY WORKSHOP
In October 2008 I installed a heat recovery ventilator in my workshop because the building is so well sealed in the winter that I was concerned about indoor air quality.  This inexpensive system brings in fresh and removes stale air while recovering 86% of the heat as it exits the building.
In October 2014 I installed a mini Energy Recovery Ventilator in my kitchen/dining area to bring fresh warmed air into the house without losing heat when it is tightly sealed up in the winter.  I later added a second unit in the master bedroom.  These impressive and affordable units claim 92% efficiency.
Rinnai tankless water heater TANKLESS WATER HEATER
In June 2010 I replaced a failed 50 gallon water heater with a propane fired tankless, on-demand unit that conserves energy by not losing heat all day from a tank.  Water is pre-heated by the solar collectors to reduce the need for propane
Electric lawn mower conversion SOLAR LAWN MOWER
In July 2005 I converted a gas lawn mower by replacing the old polluting gas engine with a 12 Volt electric motor run from a battery that charges from solar electric panels on my shed roof.

In my blog I have detailed every step of the process so that others can build their own quiet, powerful, zero emission conversion that runs on free solar power.
window with insert THERMAL WINDOWS
In 2008
my friend Topher came up with a design for a double pane interior storm window that can be made easily and inexpensively.  If placed in all the windows of a home these simple double pane shrink film windows can save hundreds of dollars in heating bills annually in colder climates.

My complete instructions with detailed pictures show you how to build these simple energy savers.  Thousands of these windows have been built by individuals and community groups since the fall of 2008.
Insulating exposed concrete walls from the outside with rigid polystyrene foam and sheathing.  This keeps the concrete inside as warm thermal mass.

Insulating exposed frost walls of my solar heated workshop

Insulating door and window framing
A thermal study of my buildings
In April 2010 I decided to evaluate my site for a potential vertical axis wind turbine on the roof of my workshop for a year.  So I purchased a weather station that can log wind data. 

While my site is not good for a wind turbine, the result of the study was an abiding interest in meteorology.  At right is the real-time local weather from my station as reported on Weather Underground's site click the image for more detail.

wood working
Tool Holder Tool Holder for glass workers
I am making a hardwood tool holder with rare earth magnets on the sides for glass workers to help them grab tools quickly while working with hot glass.
small couch table with coffee cup on it FURNITURE
My furnishings are all based on a theme of thin vertical staves as a primary visual/structural element.  I work mostly with native woods: maple, cherry, walnut and some exotics.

I have exhibited in craft shows and galleries across the country since 1997.  Here you will find a catalog of my designs, and information about how I work.
 I purchased a wood lathe in mid April 2002 with the sole intention of creating turned art objects. I had been designing shapes in my head for over a year that were forms evolved from my furniture. The designs all had legs attached radially in the same way that my tables have thin vertical staves as a primary element.
ART VESSELS - with Rebekah Younger (2004-5)
 This is a body of collaborative work that began in May 2004. Guy begins by turning a vessel from a hard, light colored wood -- typically rock maple creating forms that provide a suitable "canvas" for Rebekah to decorate.
Completed canoe on saw horses CANOE
In July 2007 I decided that I needed a small, light canoe that I could use to paddle around Maine's beautiful rivers and lakes.

This detailed blog shows the construction of my 14 foot, 2 person, stitched lap strake canoe built from plans in a book.  Made from 4mm marine plywood with some fiberglass it weighs less than 47lbs.
Guy teaching bowl making student
ambrosial maple bowl
Happy students with their bowl
Learn to make a wood bowl with me - 3+ hour class for up to 2 people at 9am or 1pm.

Recent review:
“This experience was incredible; we can’t say enough good things about it! Guy truly has a teacher’s heart.  He gives clear concise instructions, broken down into manageable chunks.  He balances demonstration with description, and then with encouragement as you try the new skills for yourself.  He is patient and kind with beginners, and gives timely correction in a very encouraging way.  You truly do most of the work yourself, and come away with a beautiful bowl.  Guy’s love for woodworking came through very clearly, and I think we may have found a new hobby through this introduction to wood turning!”

"Digital Numeric Relevator" MY LIGHT SCULPTURES
I began making light art in the mid 1980's.  My work has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country and abroad and is in several private and corporate collections.
Here you will find videos of my electronic art and time-lapse videos showing the construction of my canoe along with all my "Beauty of Decay" flower series and other time-lapse experiments.

about me
I have written articles on sustainability issues for
Home Power magazine and others.  Collected on my site are all these articles and also press about me or the things that I do.
workshop with solar panels
Historical views of my property
Guy posing with the Enterprise model from STTMP BIO
A brief pictorial history of my life.

At left I am posing with the Enterprise model while shooting visual effects for "Star Trek the Motion Picture" in 1979.

social media
I write about projects I'm working on or interesting technologies I use.  Like or follow to stay up to date.

Yoda - my Teacher
"Do or do not. There is no try."